I whole-heartedly recommend Rebecca Henry as a doula. Our experience with Rebecca was so helpful, we choose her as our doula for the birth of all three of our children. She was there to suggest physical and emotional comfort measures for both parents during the birth. Rebecca had a good working relationship with the midwives and doctors as well and helped us communicate with the birthing team when we had a difficult situation during one of our births.

- Penney H.

Rebecca served as the doula at the birth of all of our children.  At first I wasn't sure I wanted to be in the room with anybody else but my wife and hospital staff but it wasn't too long before I realized how important it was to have a third party in the room with us, neither family nor paid professional, who cared about us and could help me moderate and coordinate communication with the staff.  During a typical labor, there are changes in staff, so establishing a rapport with new nurses and doctors can be taxing; having Rebecca there made the process much stronger and less stressful.  Our first labor was quite difficult and Rebecca helped me stratetgize and negotiate with my wife and staff about very important decisions related to medication and epidurals.  Rebecca was empathetic, calm, observant and a decisive but sensitive communicator.  My favorite quote during our 3 processes was during the relatively easy birth of our second at a midwife clinic.  Just minutes before the birth she said, "Joe, put the 'What to Expect' book down now, it's too late to study, she is having the baby now."

- Joe D.

Rebecca was a lifesaver! I don't know how my husband and I would have gotten through labor without her. We ended up having an emergency induction, and were in the hospital for 60 hours before the baby was born. Rebecca was with us for almost all of that time, and even sent in a backup doula for extra support. She's also a yoga teacher, and was especially good at postures and techniques to literally hold me together, adding pressure on either side of my hips and on my back to help with the pain -- supporting me with much more than a basic back rub! She also kept me focused on meditative breathing techniques that made contractions more manageable, and helped my husband be more supportive throughout. She worked well with our midwives and nurses and knew how to find things around the hospital like ice packs and the microwave without needing any help. If we ever have a second baby, we wouldn't hesitate to hire her again!

-Eva T.

As a first time mom having Rebecca support was definitely needed.From the first time we met till now after birth she has guide me and provided so much helpful information. Rebecca made sure I was comfortable/happy with the decisions I made during labor and gave me very detailed information so that I could make decisions when doctor asked. Rebecca educated and gave helpful tips to my husband so that he could be prepared to pamper me through the process. I highly recommend Rebecca! Specially if you will be first time parents. We couldn’t have done it with out her support.

-Denia N.

Rebecca was an invaluable resource for my husband and in the lead up to and during my labor and delivery. From our very first phone call with her, we knew that she would be there for us an an excellent support system and knowledge base from which to draw.  During our prenatal sessions, Rebecca’s knowledge, compassion, and expertise was evident as she helped us work through various concerns and suggested exercises for optimal positioning of the baby. As my due date neared, Rebecca checked in regularly to see how I was doing. After a prolonged early labor that wasn’t progressing, Rebecca guided us through multiple spinning babies positioning techniques with the idea that baby’s head was possibly tilted. Turns out, she was right! The positions brought relief from the pain and active labor started shortly thereafter. During active labor, Rebecca provided physical support by supporting my leg while I labored in the side lying position. We are so glad we hired Rebecca as our doula, and highly recommend her!

-Elena F.

"Asking your partner to be your sole guide through labor is like asking them to lead the way on a climb of Mt Everest. They may be smart and trustworthy, you may love them, but in the Himalayas you’d both be a lot better off with a Sherpa!”

~ Pam England