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My journey to birth work was long and twisty, but well worth it. I started as a doula years ago when in the process of a career change.  However, when presented with an opportunity to start another business within my education field - floral design and coordination for weddings and events - I found myself forced to choose, choosing then to help to celebrate and support another important and emotional time in a couple's life. 

One successful company and two beautiful children later, I have now once again found myself with the opportunity to support families in the important life milestone of labor and childbirth. As a longtime follower of mindfulness and compassion practices, the role of the compassionate care giver calls to me.  For centuries people have supported laboring people in childbirth, not as medical practitioners, but simply as doulas - vessels of knowledge and comfort, standing steadfast by them and their partner's side through childbirth.  I can be that for you.  In addition, being a survivor of both a traumatic birth (emergency c-section) and a VBAC mom, I am uniquely positioned to support you with any kind of birth you either wish to have, or find yourself having.

Additionally, as a yoga teacher and a long time practitioner of yoga, I am also there for you during this exciting and challenging time when your body and mind is changing to bring this baby into the world.  Pre-natal yoga is like childbirth education from the inside out, allowing you to get to know your body and learning to focus your mind and breath, helping you manage your pain and anxiety in labor. I would love to share this with you and help you navigate your new body!

Thank you! 



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