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Our journey together begins in the months prior to baby's arrival.  I will meet with you and your partner to talk through the vision for your birth, your concerns, and to answer your questions about what to expect during labor and after.  Once labor begins, I will be there for your family throughout to offer both physical and emotional support to both you and your partner as well as stay by your side in the hours following birth.  I will also stay in contact in the weeks following birth - my fees include a post partum visit to help you process your feelings, and with any questions and concerns.


$1,500-1,800 per birth (cost is dependent on due date)

Equity fund: 10% of my birth doula rate goes directly into the hands of BIPOC birthworkers doing work in their communities.  If you would like to contribute more of your paid rate to this fund, let me know!


Please reach out to me if you need support but find it financially out of reach, as I offer a few births on a sliding scale a year to families of limited means.


During pregnancy, your body will go through many changes, both physically and mentally.  While pregnancy is often an exciting time, it also comes with unique challenges, some of which can be overwhelming and stressful.  Yoga is the perfect tool to help you confront these challenges - the combination of stretching and strengthening exercises along with breath work, restoratives and meditation will help you focus your mind to maintain a healthy body and mind before and after birth.  Like childbirth education from the inside out, pre-natal yoga can help you learn how to navigate what is happening to your body during labor and childbirth and help you find ways to cope with the often overwhelming emotions and physical sensations.

I am also certified in Pelvic Floor Yoga™ with Leslie Howard and offer private sessions.  Please reach out if you and your pelvic floor need help!


See my full class schedule here.


Private sessions range in cost between $95-150, depending on length of session and your individual needs.  Contact me for custom pricing!


The time following the birth of a baby can often be overwhelming to new parents.  As a postpartum doula my goal is to help guide you into parenthood with emotional and physical support, and arm you with the knowledge to care for your newborn so that you can confidently enjoy this precious time with your new family.   Whether it be helping you manage feeding, sleeping or family issues or just baking you some cookies and doing the dishes while you take a well deserved nap, I can be there for you during this transition time.

Packages and Fees:

$40-50/hour, 3-4 hour minimum, Custom hour packages can be contracted with hourly discount.  Please contact me for more information.

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